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Structured Light 3D Scanner

Precise. Flexible. Economic. Boundless.

The SLS-3-HD - The main improvement of the SLS-3 is our new Full-HD camera, the HP-CAM-4-M. It has a fast high-resolution chip and a USB-3 interface, that's why it's possible to scan with 54 FPS at maximum resolution (1920*1200) and still be about 50% faster than the SLS-2.


Automatic Turntable

Just rise your scanning performance! With the portable HP TT-1 turntable; to make 360° scanning with HP structured light scanners much easier.



Desk Scan Lever

The new HP lever DSL-1, for mounting the SLS-2 structured light scanner solid on the desk, while keeping free usability.



HP - 4QPBan

Highly flexible 3D scanning software

HP-4 allows inexpensive 3D scanning of surfaces. Scan your objects from multiple views and merge them into a watertight high resolution 3D model including color texture. You can choose hardware components depending on your requirements.
Interested in measurements and automation? The new Enterprise version can do even more.


David Enterprise inc: SDKQPBan

Our Flagship

Automated Scanning - Quality Inspection - Alignment - Fusion - and more!




Cameras, Coating Sprays, and more.

Cameras, Coating Sprays, and more.