Bytronic Educational Technology

Bytronic are manufacturers and suppliers of Technical Educational products and course material aimed at Further and Higher Education in the areas of Electronics, Process Control, Automation, Control Systems, PLC, Pneumatics, Instrumentation, Communications and Simulation Software. Individual products, Systems or complete Labs and the training required for teaching the subjects can be offered.

Alternate Energy


ASI Technology Trainer, Batch Processing Unit

Industrial Control Trainer, Rotary Transfer Unit

Single Conveyor Unit, Five Axis Robot Arm



Advanced Fibre Optic, Analogue Communications, Antenna Trainer System

Audio Input Module, Audio Output Module, Basic Fibre Optics

Data Formatting and Carrier Modulation Transmitter

Data Reformatting and Carrier Demodulation Receiver

Delta, Adaptive Delta and Delta Sigma Modulation/Demodulation

Digital Communications Lab, DSB/SSB AM Receiver, DSB/SSB AM Transmitter, FM Communication

Frequency Modulation/Demodulation, Frequency Division Multiplexer/Demultiplexer, Four Channel Analogue

GPS Trainer, Laser Fibre Optic Trainer, Local Area Network Trainer, Microwave Integrated Circuit Trainer

Noise Audio-Amplifier, PAM-PPM-PWM Modulation/Demodulation, Pulse Code Modulation Receiver

Pulse Code Modulation Transmitter, Pulse Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation, Sampling and Reconstruction Trainer

Satellite Communication Trainer, Telephone Trainer System, Transmission Line Trainer, Mobile Phone Trainer

8-Bit Binary Data Generator

Control SystemsQPBan

Control Systems Trainer, DC Motor Control Training System

Magnetic Levitation System, Modular Servo Workshop

Multi Application Board, Pendulum Control System

Stepper Motor Training System, Traffic Control Unit

Twin Rotor Mimo system, Washing Machine Simulator


Analogue Electronics Lab, ARM Design and Experiment Board

Basic Electricity Trainer, CPLD/FPGA Digital Logic Circuit Design Experimental Board

Digital Electronics Lab, PCI Interface Design Trainer

Power Electronics Lab, Transducer Trainer

Diesel (Mechanical )QPBan

Diesel Engine

CRDI Diesel Engine Power Train System



Automated Production System


Micro ControllersQPBan

8086 Microcontroller Trainer

PIC Training Board


PLC TrainersQPBan

Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000

Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1100

Mitsubishi FX

Siemens S7-200


Process Control QPBan

Flow Control, Level Control,

Process Control, Temperature Control

Process Control Trainer,

Process Control and Instrumentation