Renewable Energy Training Solutions

REH Bundle


Progressive Educational Systems manufactures a series of training system that introduces your students to the basics of wind, solar and bio diesel technologies. These systems are complete turn key solutions that will compliment your exisitng modular technology lab or as part of a new power and energy lab. Either stand a lone or whole classroom solutions, these trainers have proven time and time again that renewable energy can be easy and fun!



Progressive Educational Systems manufactures a series of training system that prepares your students to the meet the ETA outcomes of a level one small wind installaer or solar PV installer. Upon completion of our curriculum and cognitive skills students, if sucessful, can be a certified installer. These systems are complete turn key solutions that can be completed in the comforts of your lab or outside on your own existing structures. Your students can be part of the many others who have successfuly completed these training sulutions.



Commercial Windwind

Amatrol’s Wind Turbine Technology program prepares Wind Turbine Technicians to confidently assess and remedy the many challenges they will face on-the-job. Troubleshooting and problem solving across all the technologies required for Wind Turbine Technicians are keystones for Amatrol’s Wind Turbine Technology program.

Commercial Solar PV

amatrol pv Amatrol’s Solar technology program allows students to build the knowledge they need as well as develop the hands-on skills required. Successful Solar Technicians incorporate many traditional technical disciplines like electric motor control, wiring, rotating machines, piping, pumps, power distribution, etc. along with more specialized skills in solar technologies like solar installation, PV and thermal system troubleshooting, and specialized solar piping and pumps.

Amatrol’s 950-SPT1 Solar Photovoltaic Troubleshooting Learning System allows students to develop the specialized skills and knowledge needed for working with the common types of PV systems. The 950-SPT1 teaches students connection, operation, programming, and troubleshooting of AC/DC and grid-connected systems. The curriculum is PC-based multimedia that is highly interactive. It allows students to use the learning style best for them – reading, listening, visual. The 950-SPT1 supports the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) test for Certified Solar Photovoltaic
System Installer.pv install

Amatrols 950-SPT1 Solar PV Troubleshooting course emphasizes both component and system level safety, operation, installation, adjustment, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Specific topics will include PV system and component sizing, energy conservation and demand, grid-tie systems, PC inverters, AC and DC solar PV systems, charge controllers, solar batteries, PV array connection, PV system and module performance, site planning, wire selection and sizing, and start-up and commissioning. Attendees will learn through a combination of individualized, hands-on learning with mechanical trainers and group instruction of concepts and principles.


Solar Thermal

solar thermalThe Amatrol 950-STF1 Solar Thermal Installation Learning System teaches students the installation and commissioning of closed loop and open loop solar thermal systems for commercial and residential applications. Students will learn how to install systems by selecting, preparing, mounting and connecting solar thermal components using copper tubing, PVC piping, and electrical wiring. Students will create and commission complete working systems, just as they would do on the job.