07-3284 Solar Thermal / PV Training System


The new Solar Thermal/PV Training system from Progressive Educational Systems provides a safe learning environment for students to learn multiple disciplines required to understand the operation of a Solar Thermal hot water heating system with a Solar PV powered control system. Combined with our other 3200 line systems we are the first to offer a single training system that provides a Solar Thermal, Solar PV and Small Wind Installation training system.

The 07-3284 Solar Thermal Training System is purposely built to address the interests of construction, plumbing, renewable energy or any other program wishing to build an awareness of Closed-Loop, Drain Back systems Solar Thermal systems. This system comes complete in kit form with a 20 lesson student manual to become familiar with the various components, assembly, system operations, system start-up, and design.

The Solar Thermal/PV training system includes everything required to function as a "turn-key" learning station; lesson plan, student guide, DVD video, training station and energy producing equipment. The module provides student instruction, in teams of two, for up to 30 hours.

The Lesson Plan includes an Instructor's Guide which provides instructions for, setting up, and implementing the module. It also includes learning outcomes, testing and evaluation procedures, answer keys, student skills response, inventory list and print CD.

The Student Activity manual guides students through 20 multi-disciplinary activities using the tools, and equipment included with the module package. It also contains 5 enrichment and career exploration activities to further strengthen the students awareness.