Hydrogen Solutions

Clean Energy Trainer

The Clean Energy Trainer experiment set is designed for basic training needs.
It includes all the components needed for setting up an autonomous energy system. Users can observe in detail the entire energy conversion chain, as well as the individual technologies of wind, solar and hydrogen power.

  • Modular design with optimized individual components
  • PC-supported measurement and experimentation
  • Solar, wind and hydrogen components can be used separately
  • Magnetic base for easy setup of experiments
  • Practical storage box

Instructor Training System

The Instructor is ideal for teaching basic engineering principles of fuel cell systems.
Realistic, extensive experimenting capabilities and optimized instruction material make it a comprehensive instruction package.

  • 50 W PEM fuel cell, air cooled, open cathode
  • Modular system with expansion options
  • Extensive measuring technology
  • Data recording via PC interface
  • User-friendly experimenting software
  • Optimized instruction material
  • Also suitable for inexperienced users

Nexa® Training System

Dr. Fuel Cell - Model CarThe Nexa® Training system allows practical preparatory experiments in the design and hybridization of an energy system using fuel cell technology.

  • Realistic learning system
  • 1.2 kW PEM fuel cell module with battery hybridization
  • Learning and experimenting software with automatic generation of characteristic curves
  • Central visualization and control of all system processes via computer
  • Two battery capacities for experiment setups
  • Output for DC and AC power
  • Integrated hydrogen storage
  • Flexible use of the system, standing and sitting
  • Extensive learning and experimenting materials


Solar Hydrogen Extension

The Solar Hydrogen Extension generates hydrogen from solar power. A software program helps users to learn about energy flux and system efficiency, making it possible to implement interesting projects dealing with autarkic energy supply.

  • PV systems for AC loads up to 700 W
  • Electrolyzer and PV system can be used separately
  • PC software for system control and data acquisition is included
  • Extensive instruction and experimentation material
  • Mobile system components with rollers
  • Remote monitoring via LAN network is possible

Dr FuelCell™ Model Car - Model car with reversible fuel cell

Dr. Fuel Cell - Model Car

The Model Car integrates the subject of renewable energies in the instruction for the lower secondary level in an uncomplicated manner.

Its pre-configured experiments make learning science curricula fun.

  • Immediately ready to use; no further materials are needed
  • Curriculum-oriented instruction manual (Grades 5—10)
  • Instruction manual and teacher's guide for experiments
  • Fast and easy preparation for class with materials that can be copied and printed
  • Robust design and exceptional quality
  • Variable setup — fuel cell, solar and hybrid operation
  • Hand generator allows operation anywhere


Dr FuelCell™ Science Kit

Dr. Fuel Cell - Science Kit

The Dr FuelCell® Science Kit is an extensive experiment set for the subject of renewable energies.
Flexible components, 20 pre-configured experiments and detailed supplementary material make it a complete solution for teaching physics and chemistry in grades 9—12.

  • Curriculum oriented instruction material (Grades 9—12)
  • 20 pre-configured experiments for individual or group work
  • Immediately ready to use; no additional materials needed *
  • Robust and user-friendly components
  • Practical and easy-to-operate load measurement box for measuring current and voltage
  • Expandable, for gaining expert knowledge of fuel cells

Dr FuelCell™ Professional - Fuel Cell Demonstration and Practice Module

Dr. Fuel Cell - ProfessionalDr FuelCell® Professional provides support in the form of pre-configured demonstration experiments for presentation to the class.
Based on solar hydrogen technology, the single modules reproduce a complete energy cycle.

  • Custom experiment setups due to modular concept
  • Complete demonstration unit, no additional components or chemicals needed
  • Large modules and displays for presentation to groups
  • Robust components in stable rack
  • Easy introduction due to pre-configured experiments
  • Curriculum oriented documentation (Grades 9-12)
  • Easy and fast installation without extensive preparation