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Fork Lift TrainerQPBan

FL-TRAINER is an electric and diesel forklift simulator, triple mast with free lift.

Its design is meant for training personnel that needs to learn to drive a forklift with ease and precision.

The user interacts with the simulation using a chassis that replicates the actual control of a forklift and the action is displayed simultaneously on 2 screens, one for the front view and the other one for a rear view.


Hardware features

 Cockpit with seat, levers, pedals and steering wheel controls that replicate a real electric or diesel forklift.QPBan










WeldTrainer is a welding simulator aimed for the vocational training world.

Using cutting edge technology and real time motion tracking systems, Weldtrainer allows the user to be immersed into a welding room where virtual welding can be performed in real time in the same way that in real life.