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3D Modelling, 3D Printing Courses:

3D Systems solidworks


Course 1 - SolidWorks Essentials

SolidWorks Premium software integrates a broad range of mechanical CAD, design validation, product data management, design communication, and CAD productivity tools in a single, affordable, easy to use package.
Review the training courses designed to make Solid-Works users productive across multiple disciplines.

For information on attending a training class at our school in Belleville, Ontario, contact your Progressive
Educational Systems account representative at 1-888-256-0715.
Prerequisites: Mechanical design experience; experience with the Windows™ operating system.

Description: SolidWorks Essentials teaches you how to use the SolidWorks mechanical design automation
software to build parametric models of parts and assemblies, and how to make drawings of those parts and assemblies

Course 2 - SolidWorks Drawings

Prerequisites: SolidWorks Essentials

Description: This course teaches you how to make drawings of SolidWorks parts and assemblies.

Course 3 - Assembly Modeling

Prerequisites: SolidWorks Essentials

Description: Assembly Modeling teaches you how to maximize your use of the assembly modeling capabilities of SolidWorks mechanical design automation software.

Course 4 - Introduction to 3D printers

Prerequisites: Knowledge of 3D modeling

Description: Learn how to print your own models created on your own software or print the models created
in one of our courses.

Small Wind and Solar PV Training Courses

One Week Courses: Solar PV or Small Wind installation

eta 3234

These one week courses are ideal for the electrical or general contractor wanting to venture into the worlds fastest growing industry or the handymen wanting to save money by doing their own installation.

The curriculum for these courses has been written to meet the objectives of the Electronics Technician Association (ETA) outcomes for the Small Wind installation program as well as the Solar PV installation program. By completing the Progressive Educational Systems Small Wind or Solar PV course and writing the ETA exam, students will be certified to install in the respective area. ETA is recognized in North America and around the world. Our programs also meets the requirements for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) level 1 Solar PV exam.

One Day Courses:Solar PV or Small Wind


These one day courses are ideal for any home owner wanting to understand the basics of renewable energy.Topics include: permitting, safety, system components, monitoring design and troubleshooting. Learn before you buy is always a wise idea.


One on One Store:

Progressive is a reseller of any components you may need for your project should you decide to do it yourself following the course. We are very competitive with other suppliers and offer a discount to all enrolled students.

From solar panels of all types and sizes, combiner boxes, inverters ,charge controllers, batteries, wind turbines and even an on-line monitoring system that tells you how much you made in a day/month/year and payback times. Following your course, a project manager will be able to assist you with your build at any level.