07-3274 Geothermal Training System

STEM The new Geothermal Training systems from Progressive Educational Systems provides a safe learning environment for students to learn multiple disciplines required to understand the operation of a Geothermal Heat Pump.

The 07-3274 Geothermal Training System is designed to teach the fundamentals of heat transfer, refrigeration, and air conditioning applied to geothermal energy HVAC projects. The operation of the training systems faithfully reproduces that of a typical geothermal residential system.

The 07-3274 Geothermal Trainer includes a mobile platform, housing two energy storage (water) tanks with 3 speed circulating pumps to vary and measure water flow rates. Two Co-axial refrigerant heat exchangers with metering devices and a refrigerant reversing valve, direct the compressor's electrical mechanical energy to sensible and latent heat energy, through visible and tactile heat transfer and phase change.

Temperature, pressure and electrical monitoring equipment are provided to calculate what the student is observing, and complete the learning experience. Electrical, water and refrigerant circuits are color coded for intuitive instruction. Certified by the Ontario Electrical Safety Authority with ground fault safety circuitry. Utilizes ozone safe, environmentally friendly refrigerant. Water, drain and a 120 VAC grounded receptacle is all that is required to teach today's conventional heat pump technology.

The curriculum provided with the 07-3274 Geo Thermal Training System was developed in conjunction with our educational partner, Cambrian College of Applied arts and Technology.

The Geothermal training system curriculum includes the following activities:

1.Renewable Energy Basics
2.Personal Safety
3.Electrical Safety
4.Introduction to Geo Thermal Systems 5. Geothermal Power Plants
6.Compressor/ Metering Devices
7.Controls and Safety Devices
8.Evaporator and Condenser Principles
9.The Refrigeration Cycle
10.Geothermal Heat Pumps
11. Geothermal Heat Pump Subsystems
12.Heat Loss in Geothermal Systems
13.Pump Head Efficiency
14. Project Development
15.Post-test and Wrap up
16.Using the GEM Cloud Monitor
17.Careers in Renewable energy

Progressive Educational Systems GreenEd line provides renewable energy training systems in the following areas for both high school and college level programs: wind, solar, hybrid Systems, Bio diesel, hydrogen, troubleshooting, installation skills, system design, certification programs, solar thermal and Geothermal training systems.