07-2100 BioDiesel Green-Ed™

Renewable energy quickly replaces itself and is usually available in a never-ending supply. Renewable energy comes from the natural flow of sunlight, wind, or water around the Earth. With the help of special collectors, we can capture some of this energy and put it to use in our homes and businesses. As long as sunlight, water and wind continue to flow and trees and other plants
continue to grow, we have access to a ready supply of energy.

Bio Diesel

Bio Diesel is the mono-alkyl-esters of long-chain fattyacids derived from renewable organic oil lipid sources.
Bio Diesel is produced from feed stocks like vegetable oils, used cooking oils and animal fats. Bio Diesel for vehicles or Bio-Heat as it is called when used in oil furnaces is a man made clean burning fuel substitute
that is made from natural materials such as vegetable oil, alcohol & Lye. It is both stable & environmentally

In the 07-2100 BioFuel Energy module, students explore the use of Bio material as an alternate fuel source. They gain a global perspective when they understand the economics, efficiency, and low environmental impact of producing energy from non-polluting, renewable sources.

The Lesson Plan includes an Instructor's Guide which provides instructions for installing, setting up, and implementing the module. It also includes learning outcomes, testing and evaluation procedures, answer
keys, student skills response, inventory list and print CD. The Student Activity manual guides students
through10 multi-disciplinary activities using the tools, and equipment included with the module package.

Upon the completion of the Bio Diesel Student Activity Manual, students should be able to:

Pre-Test/Introduction/ Safety Precautions
Renewable Energy Basics
Renewable Energy Basics
Bio Diesel and Oil titration
Moisture testing and Filtering
Diesel Verification and Storage
Waste Glycerin
Post Test & Wrap Up