07-3264 Grid Tie Training System


Progressive Educational Systems Grid-Tied Training System provides hands-on training needed to develop the skills required to install a grid-tied system.

Alternative energy systems that convert solar or wind power to electricity can supply electric power to the utility grid. Grid-tied systems generate electricity and send this energy back to the utility company's power grid. The energy produced counts against the energy a home or business uses, thereby offsetting utility usage.

A grid-tied electrical system, also called tied to grid or grid tie system, is a semi-autonomous electrical generation or grid energy storage system which links to the mains to feed excess capacity back to the local mains electrical grid. When insufficient electricity is generated, or the batteries are not fully charged, electricity drawn from the mains grid can make up the shortfall.

The Progressive Educational Systems 07-3464 Grid Tie Training system uses real world components to train students on the equipment and connections used on a typical system for either Solar or Wind systems.

The 07-3264 Grid Tie Training System can be used as a stand a lone training system or in conjunction with the 07-3234 Small Wind and Solar PV Installation training system (As well as the 07-3244 Small Wind, 07-3254Solar PV) Connect the wind and solar energy inputs used in these training systems or customer supplied energy inputs of appropriate wattage.

Students gain hands on skills by wiring each component with the appropriately calculated wire size, through a covered wiring duct for ease of use. Confirm the procedure by actually synchronizing with the local utilities with the low voltage demonstration grid tie inverter (Shown). Optional programmable grid tie inverter completes the program. (requires high voltage source).

The 07-3264 Grid Tie training system includes everything required to function as a "turn-key" learning station; lesson plan, bench top or mobile stand with optional energy sources, The module provides student instruction for up to 25 hours.

The Lesson Plan includes an Instructor's Guide which provides instructions for installing, setting up, and implementing the module. It also includes learning outcomes, testing and evaluation procedures, answer keys, student skills response, inventory list and print CD.
The Student Activity manual guides students through 20 multi-disciplinary activities using the tools, and equipment included with the module package. It also contains daily activity response sheets and activity notes.