07-3454 Solar PV Installation


The new Solar PV Installation Training systems from Progressive Educational Systems provides the skills necessary to install and test solar PV installations. This program has been approved by the Electronics Technician Association (ETA) and meets the requirements for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) exam.

This training system includes everything required to function as a “turn-key” learning station; lesson plan, student guide, bench top or mobile stand, modular component panels, analysis tools, instrumentation, energy producing equipment and in class mounts. The module provides student instruction for up to 45 hours. The Lesson Plan includes an Instructor’s Guide which provides instructions for installing, setting up, and implementing the module. It also includes learning outcomes, testing and evaluation procedures, answer keys, student skills response, inventory list and print CD.

The Student Activity manual guides students through 32 multi-disciplinary activities using the tools, and equipment included with the module package. It also contains daily activity response sheets and activity notes.

The Solar PV installation training system curriculum includes the
following activities:
1. Renewable Energy Basics
2. Personal Safety
3. Site Safety
4. Electrical Safety
5. Lockout / Tagout
6. Abbreviations, Connections & Symbols
7. Wire and Sizing Wire
8. Introduction to Ohms Law
9. Electrical Instrumentation
10. Series and Parallel Circuits
11. Alternating Current
12. Grounding and Current Protection
13. Solar Codes and Standards
14. Plans and Blue prints
15. Introduction to Solar Photovoltaic
16. Solar Pathfinder
17. Pyrannometers and Pyroheliometer
18. Photovoltaic Sitting
19. Photovoltaic Installation
20. Solar Panel Roof and Ground Mount
21. Solar Panel Pole Mount
22. Photovoltaic System Wiring
23. Charge Controllers
24. Solar Array Configurations
25. Storage Systems
26. Inverters
27. Integration and Balance of System Components
28. Estimating Home Energy Needs - System Design
29. System Performance and Monitoring
30. Energy Conservation
31. PV Maintenance and Troubleshooting
32. Practical Project
Post-Test and Wrap up

Trainer Configurations07-3254-00 Solar PV Installation - Mobile Stand
07-3254-01 Solar PV Installation - Desktop Stand
07-3254-02 Solar PV Installation - Mobile Stand,
top mount, adjustable solar panel with variable
intensity sun simulator.

The curriculum for these training systems has been written to meet the objectives of the Electronics Technician Association (ETA) outcomes for the Small Wind installation program as well as the Solar PV installation program. By
competing the Progressive Educational Systems small wind or solar PV course and writing the ETA exam, students will be certified to install in the respective area. ETA is recognized in North America and around the world.